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White Collar Crime

The expanding reach of criminal law into corporate life now necessitates that corporations and their advisors consider the benefits that a specialist criminal lawyer can add to a corporation’s advisory team. As Queensland’s largest private criminal law practice and a founding member of the Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance, we are well placed to assist you and/or your associated entities.

Increasingly, corporations, their directors and advisors are confronting the ever widening powers of enforcement agencies such as ASIC, the ACCC and the ATO. Companies and their officers can potentially be caught up in investigations of their enterprises, of the actions of their employees, and in the affairs of other entities with whom they transact business. Many breaches of corporate, environmental, workplace health and safety, customs, professional conduct and taxation law now have serious criminal sanctions.

The number of criminal prosecutions of high profile business leaders highlights the need for expert management of the interface between civil and criminal law. The practice and process of criminal law is very different from commercial law or civil litigation. So while your company’s commercial or litigation lawyer will have expertise in commercial transactions and disputes, it will pay to get advice from an expert criminal lawyer when dealing with management of risk, enforcement or prosecutions.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with white-collar offences. Our team includes lawyers with dual forensic accounting skills and corporate and tax offences expertise. We also have a number of former senior prosecutors with high level fraud, environmental and confiscations experience.

Our lawyers are familiar with the investigative processes undertaken by all the enforcement agencies and the Australian Federal Police. They can advise as to your rights and help you understand your rights, the onus of proof, elements of offences and the conduct of jury trials.

We are also well placed to assist with the identification of potential risks for corporate clients and proactive measures to:

  • ensure that governance, workplace systems and cultures meet the standards required by law; and
  • detect possible criminal activity by officers, employees and contracting parties.

We invite you to browse the information below and examine the qualifications and experience of our lawyers available on this site.

If you have any queries please contact our Managing Director Rob Franklin. Your confidentiality is assured.

White Collar Crime - Categories of Offences

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