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Drink Driving Charges

Are you facing a drink driving charge?

Drink driving charges can have serious ramifications on your life. If you have been charged with drink driving before, you face a sentence of 2 years disqualification and a period of imprisonment. Even with no prior charges, you can be sentenced to 9 months in prison. If you are convicted of drink driving, you are also ineligible for a work licence.

The following articles contain information on charges of drink driving, including details of what the police have to prove, the maximum penalty, and possible defences.

  • Drink Driving - S79(1) Two Prior Convictions Arising From Motor Vehicle
  • Drink Driving - S79(1) No Prior
  • Drink Driving - S79(1) One Prior Conviction
  • Drink Driving - S79(1) Two Prior Convictions

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