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Dangerous Driving Offences - QLD

Dangerous driving charges cover a number of different cases, such as excessive speeding, being adversely affected by an intoxicating substance, taking part in unlawful speed trials.

Penalties for dangerous driving charges vary depending mainly on whether anyone is injured or killed by the drivers action, but can be up to 14 years imprisonment. For more information on these penalties, as well as what the police must prove and which court will hear your case, read our articles below.

Dangerous Driving Charges

For more information on any of the following offences, click through and read our article written by a practicing criminal lawyer.

Dangerous Driving Lawyers

Potts Lawyers have a number of lawyers who practice in the area of drug charges. To read more about them, click on their names in the table below.

Bill Potts - Criminal Lawyer & Director

Bill Potts

Criminal Lawyer - Director

Our founding director brings to Potts Lawyers a breadth of criminal law ...

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Cameron Browne - Criminal Lawyer & Director

Cameron Browne

Criminal Lawyer - Director

Director Cameron Browne has practised exclusively in criminal defence ...

Read more

Michael Purcell - QLD Criminal Lawyer

Michael Purcell

Criminal Lawyer

Michael was admitted as a barrister in 2003. He also has over two decades...

Read more

Karen Short - Criminal Lawyer & Office Manager

Karen Short

Criminal Lawyer - Brisbane Office Manager

Karen has worked as part of Bill Potts’ legal team for 17 years and as ...

Read more

Paul Hamilton - QLD Criminal Lawyer

Paul Hamilton

Criminal Lawyer

Paul completed his secondary education in Mackay and graduated...

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Rebecca Fogerty - QLD Criminal Lawyer

Rebecca Fogerty

Criminal Lawyer

Following completion of degrees in Law and Arts(Psychology)at the University of Queensland...

Read more

Mark Williams - QLD Criminal Lawyer & Director

Mark Williams

Criminal Lawyer - Director

Director Mark Williams has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management...

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It is important that you obtain cost effective legal representation for your drug charge. Potts Lawyers will provide you with the certainty of a fixed fee so you know what your costs will be before you proceed.


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