Payout Closer For Rockhampton Family Who Lost Son

LAWYER Bill Potts says negotiations will start later this month to determine the compensation paid to the family of Rockhampton teenager Rueben Barnes.

Rueben, 16, was one of four young men who died on the Rudd government’s failed home insulation scheme. He was electrocuted in the roof of a house near Rockhampton in 2009.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced late last year that the families and next of kin of the victims would receive compensation. Continue reading Payout Closer For Rockhampton Family Who Lost Son

Rudd’s Batts Evidence Must Yield Answers

The relatives of four men who died installing insulation deserve answers, not apologies, from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd when he fronts an inquiry, a lawyer says.

Mr Rudd will take the witness stand at the royal commission into Labor’s home insulation program on Wednesday, May 14.

The bungled stimulus scheme has been blamed for the deaths of Queenslanders Rueben Barnes, Matthew Fuller and Mitchell Sweeney, and Marcus Wilson from NSW. Continue reading Rudd’s Batts Evidence Must Yield Answers

Batts Scheme ‘Cowboys’ Underestimated

THE senior bureaucrat responsible for rolling out the Rudd government’s botched home insulation scheme has admitted he underestimated the level of “miscreant behaviour” by rogue installers, contractors and employers.

The Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program is still hearing testimony from witness Kevin Keeffe, the former assistant secretary of the Environment Department in 2009 who was charged with rolling out the stimulus program. Continue reading Batts Scheme ‘Cowboys’ Underestimated

Day 2 of Insulation Installer Death Inquest

Kay Dibben | From:The Courier-Mail | March 12, 2013 4:29PM

Mitchell Sweeney
TRAGIC LOSS: Mitchell Sweeney (right), with brothers Brendan and Justin and mother Wendy. Mitchell was electrocuted in Millaa Milla while installing foil insulation. Source: The Courier-Mail

WORKERS installing foil home insulation in a north Queensland home were using metal staples when a young man was electrocuted, despite being told not to use them, an inquest has heard.

The inquest, in Brisbane Coroners Court, heard investigators who went to the scene after the death of Mitchell Scott Sweeney, 22, found a roof was “live” with 240 volts.

Mr Sweeney was electrocuted and died on February 4, 2010, after a cable he was using to fix foil insulation to ceiling rafters was punctured by a metal staple.

The staple had come into contact with a positive wire at the house at 13 Wattle St, Milla Milla, on the Atherton Tablelands, the inquest in Brisbane Coroners Court heard. Continue reading Day 2 of Insulation Installer Death Inquest