Former Fink Escapes Prison for Extortion

Leah Fineran   |  10:37am October 17, 2012

A FORMER Finks standover man has dodged jail time for extortion, claiming he has now left the “bad influence” of the notorious Gold Coast bikie club.

Sacha Kahled Nachouki, 40, yesterday pleaded guilty in the Southport District Court to six offences, including extortion and failing to answer Australian Crime Commission questions.

He admitted that in 2008 he acted as an illegal debt collector, making threats and standing over a Surfers Paradise man for money owed to a failed investment company. Continue reading Former Fink Escapes Prison for Extortion

Firepower Extortion Charges Dropped

Maxwell Healy Perth real estate agent and pigeon enthusiast, Maxwell Raymond Healy (right), 62, and his solicitor Mark Williams (left) leave Southport Magistrates Court on the Gold Coast on Monday, Nov. 1, 2010.

Healy had an extortion charge dropped against him after he was accused of trying to extort $200,000 from Firepower chief Tim Johnson following the company’s $100 million collapse. Clip & Image – (AAP Image/Lisa Martin) Continue reading Firepower Extortion Charges Dropped