Bill Potts Speaks To Courier Mail On Armed Robberies

By Greg Stolz & Jeremy Pierce

If it wasn’t so terrifying for the victims, the long series of Gold Coast crimes could almost be described as monotonous.

Forty-four hold-ups on the Coast so far this year, twenty this month alone. Barely a day seems to go by on the Glitter Strip when someone doesn’t pull a knife, gun, syringe or an iron bar on some hapless shopkeeper, service station attendant, pizza delivery driver or – in the latest robbery, which happened on Thursday – a teenage worker at McDonalds.

With the strip in the grip of what one leading criminal lawyer describes as an amphetamine-addiction epidemic, drugs are seen as the major cause of most of the hold-ups. Continue reading Bill Potts Speaks To Courier Mail On Armed Robberies

CMC Stripped Of Power

By Greg Stoiz (Courier Mail, 4 April 2009)

DRUG lords, outlaw bikies and paedophiles are free to ply their evil trades in Queensland after the Supreme Court effectively shut down the state’s top organised crime fighting body.

In a decision that has rocked the Crime and Misconduct commission, one of its key powers has been ruled illegal by the court. Continue reading CMC Stripped Of Power