School’s Out for Class of 2012

Story by Craig Warhurst – 16th Nov 2012 5:00 AM

Gympie State High school students had their last day of school yesterday and are ready to step out into the world after schoolies week.

ACROSS the Gympie region, Year 12 graduates will put their high school years behind them today and prepare for the big adventure that is Schoolies Week.

While only a handful of Schoolies are expected on the Cooloola Coast and Sunshine Coast, police numbers at Rainbow Beach have been doubled. Continue reading School’s Out for Class of 2012

Smashed From the Inside as Raids Net Suspects

Jessica Elder | 29 November, 2011 | Gold Coast Bulletin

Two Finks motorcycle gang members and 12 Finks associates were arrested yesterday after dawn drug raids on 15 Gold Coast properties.

Police say the raids, which smashed a massive drug-trafficking ring, came after undercover police spend nine months infiltrating the outlaw bikie gang.

More than 100 police executed the raids on homes from Nerang to Mermaid Beach, seizing GHB, methamphetamine and 66 litres of chemicals used to produce methamphetamines. Continue reading Smashed From the Inside as Raids Net Suspects