Make Sure It’s COD, Bill

Gold Coast Bulletin p31 – Written by Nick Nichols.

While some lawyers chase ambulances, colourful Gold Coast legal eagle Bill Potts is going for bigger fish.

The Southport-based lawyer’s newly opened Brisbane office will be honing in on a growth market in these trying times: corporate fraud cases.

Potts Lawyers is hoping to build a reputation for defending company executives who have found themselves on the wrong side of the corporate watchdog, and among Mr Pott’s recruits is a lawyer who spent some time as a fraud squad detective.

Mr Potts said corporate fraud was an area of the law not being serviced at present, and one in which lawyers were not adequately trained,

Among the services being offered by Potts Lawyers is what to do when ASIC knocks on your door demanding to take away your business files.

Mr Potts reckons most people would duck out a back door in a panic under those circumstances.

“Rather than being reactive, we want clients to get properly advised,” he says.

Needless to say that, with the GFC still in the fallout stage, there will be plenty of work around the Potts crew.

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