Potts Calls For Speed Limit To Be Dropped In School Zones

ONE of Queensland’s top criminal lawyers has called for school zones to be ­reduced to match the 30km/h limit on Millionaires’ Row.

Speed limits on exclusive Hedges Avenue, home to the city’s most luxurious beachfront properties, were red­uced to 30km/h last month after years of lobbying from residents.

In a bizarre twist, motorists actually increase speed to 40km/h as they exit Millionaires’ Row and pass Broadbeach State Primary School.

Bill Potts, of Potts Lawyers, questioned the necessity of the reduced limit and said if it was good enough for the city’s elite, it was good enough to protect children in school zones.

“The 30km/h limit along Hedges Avenue gives the impression that there is one rule for the rich, while the rest of us have to take our chances at 40km/h,” Mr Potts said.

“Why should our children be placed at risk of the higher speed?”

The 30km/h limit is widely used in Europe and across the US, and studies show children hit by a car at the lower speed are more likely to survive.

“Pedestrians struck at the current urban speed limit of 50km/h have around an 85 per cent chance of being killed or injured,” according to research published by OECD and World Health Organisation.

“At 40km/h the probability is 38 per cent, whereas at 30km/h the probability of being killed or injured when struck by a vehicle drops to 10 per cent.”

Motorists have struggled with the lower limits, saying it is “really hard” to stick to the 30km/h limits.

“You do your best, but it seems a bit crazy when you’re being overtaken by cyclists,” one Hedges Avenue regular said.

Gold Coast traffic boss Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy warned cyclists to slow down or pay the penalty.

“Cyclists have to abide by the same limits and road rules as other road users,” Snr-Sgt Murphy said.

“If they exceed the limit, they will be hit with the same fine.”

Area councillor Paul Taylor said the 30km/h limit had improved safety on the one-way stretch of road, which had been a “danger spot” for years. He backed the call for school zones to be reduced if there were safety concerns.

“Should school zones be reduced to 30km/h? If it warrants it, then yes,” Cr Taylor said.

Lawyer calls for speed limit to be dropped in school zones”  Story by: Robyn Wuth – Gold Coast Sun – April 12, 2015

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