Lone Wolf Bikie Faces $40,000-plus Under Anti Bikie Laws


A LONE Wolf bikie could be slugged more than $40,000 after wearing a banned 1 per cent ring at a Gold Coast pub.

The tattoos of a Lone Wolf bikie arrested for wearing banned clothing at a Gold Coast Pub
The tattoos of a Lone Wolf bikie arrested for wearing banned clothing at a Gold Coast Pub. Pics Supplied

The 26-year-old bikie is believed to be the first arrested on the Gold Coast for wearing bikie paraphernalia on ­licensed premises.

Rapid Action Patrol officers were conducting a spot check at the Tugun Tavern on Saturday night when they spotted the bikie wearing the banned jewellery: a golden wolf head with “Lone Wolf Australia 1%” etched beneath it.

The banned ring the 26-year-old was allegedly wearing.

He was frantically trying to remove the jewellery but wasn’t fast enough and will face court on December 17.

Under the tough new legislation, any item of clothing portraying a club’s name, symbol, abbreviation or acronym relating to the outlawed club is illegal.

Any mention of “1%” or “1%er” — a symbol of rebellion referring to the 1 per cent of motorcyclists who operate outside the law — is off-limits.

Police seized the jewellery and charged the bikie with wearing a prohibited item on licensed premises, a charge which carries a maximum $42,250 fine.

Under changes to the Liquor Act 1992, anyone caught wearing a logo on associated or prohibited items faces up to a $42,250 fine.

The tavern owner will be interviewed by police this week, but could face an $11,000 fine for allowing the gang member to wear the prohibited item on licensed premises.

The new legislation obligates licensees to evict anyone wearing a prohibited logo and extends to any piece of clothing or jewellery and covers more than just the traditional logo patches of the clubs.

RAP commander Superintendent Jim Keogh said the arrest was a sign of the ongoing crackdown against criminal motorcycle gangs across the state.

“Police will allege the offender had clear knowledge that he should not be wearing the ring at a licensed premises as he tried to remove it when he was confronted by police,” Supt Keogh said.

Leading criminal lawyer Bill Potts, of Potts lawyers, described the massive fine as “trying to smash an egg with a hammer”.

“I can understand wearing of colours can be intimidating, but a $42,000 fine for wearing jewellery strikes me as being somewhat over the top,” said Mr Potts.

“Next we’ll ban Ned Kelly quotes or beards.”

Meanwhile a Fink associate was arrested on Friday night after being caught with two ­viagra tablets.

The 33-year-old will face court for possession of a drug without a prescription.