M1 Shooter Jailed for Four Years

Emmaline Stigwood   |  12:13pm October 26, 2012 | Gold Coast News

AN M1 gunman who shot out the window of a car in a random road rage attack has been jailed for four years.

Mahan Gheisari, 29, was this morning sentenced and given a parole eligibility date of May next year after he pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and carrying dangerous goods in a vehicle.

In what the judge described as a disturbing road rage event Gheisari targeted the other vehicle at Oxenford in the early evening while the two cars were heading north on the M1, slowing down and speeding up to try and engage them in a dispute.

When the driver of the other car indicated they were not interested Gheisari pulled out a gun and shot out the rear window, causing glass to shatter inside.

The Supreme Court in Brisbane was told the victim suffered physical injuries but more significantly had “lasting trauma” due to the terrifying experience.

Defence lawyers for Gheisari, Mark Williams of Potts Lawyers, said he was going through an emotional time dealing with his father’s deteriorating health at the time.

Justice David Boddice said such family issues might be an explanation but they were not an excuse for taking a gun to another moving car.

“You should be extremely grateful you are not here on a murder charge,” he told Gheisari.

The Crown asked the court to impose a five-year sentence and declare Gheisari a serious violent offender.

Justice Boddice refused those submissions, noting Gheisari had limited criminal history and was already in jail so making the sentence too long would be crushing.

He did however disqualify Gheisari absolutely from driving due to his ”appalling” traffic history.

Man Jailed for Freeway Road Rage Shooting

AAP | October 26, 2012 2:02PM

A MAN who randomly shot at a car on a southeast Queensland motorway has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Appearing in the Supreme Court in Brisbane on Friday, Mahan Gheisari, 29, pleaded guilty to the drive-by shooting on the Gold Coast in August this year.

The court heard Gheisari was travelling on the M1 at Oxenford on the night of December 4 last year when he opened fire on a car in the next lane.

The bullet passed through the car’s rear passenger window, leaving a female passenger with minor injuries from broken glass.

In sentencing Gheisari, Justice Martin Boddice said it was an “extreme road rage event” that targeted strangers.

He said Gheisari had an appalling history of speeding and for unknown reasons he “took a set against” the occupants of the other car.

His car sped up and slowed down beside the other car before Gheisari produced a revolver and fired it through the tinted rear window of the other car.

Justice Boddice said it was amazing that the driver of the other car didn’t crash, and its two occupants had suffered significant emotional trauma.

He said Gheisari showed a “distinct lack of insight” into the seriousness of his behaviour and remorse was unlikely.

Gheisari’s barrister Mark Johnson said his client suffered from paranoid delusions and had fallen in with the wrong crowd.

Gheisari will be eligible for parole in May next year.