Gold Coast Community At War With Itself

Not all fun in the sun as financial cracks emerge

6 December, 2011 | Gold Coast Bulletin

The Gold Coast City Council social report shows a community that is “at war with itself”, says lawyer Bill Potts.

The prominent criminal lawyer deals with all levels of society and says the report is a glimpse into the state of the Gold Coast.

“This should enable the community to take the pulse of society, a check that the Gold Coast is alive and moving,” he said.

“There are significant challenges to this health but there’s plenty of life in the old girl yet.”

Mr Potts said the figures were signs of stress – of high density living, unemployment, financial pressures and racial issues.

“Things are better when employment prospects improve but in times of financial stress it can be an unfortunate circle of poverty,” he said.

Mr Potts said the Gold Coast had an image of “fun in the sun” but for many it was a difficult place to live when people did not have any money.

“The police and the State Government need to address the causes of crime, not pat themselves on the head,” he said.

Domestic Violence Prevention Gold Coast spokeswoman Donna Justo said the Southport figures increased each year, with the council figures “conservative”.

“Not everyone reports domestic violence,” Ms Justo said.

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