Bill Potts Comments on Barry O’Sullivan’s Tirade

Bill Potts recently commented on the recent tirade made by LNP Treasurer Barry O’Sullivan.

From The Courier Mail;

Campbell Newman is under pressure to force controversial LNP treasurer Barry O’Sullivan out of the party after his expletive-laden tirade at a candidate. Senior MPs and party figures are demanding Mr Newman act now or risk the party’s bosses taking over, if the LNP wins the election…

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What would happen to Barry in the real world?

Bill Potts – “If you did that in a courtroom, you would be in Contempt of Court and the reason for it is that as a society we worked out that reasons, debate and even differences of opinion can be firmly expressed but without the recourse to violent language.”

Punishment: Contempt of Court

Contempt of Court is when a person acts to defy the authority or dignity of the Court. Using obscene language for example is deemed Contempt of Court and punishable by a fine or jail time.

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